Civil War Trails

Thomasville has a few Civil War sites, which is why is a very popular destination along the Civil War Trails. During the Civil War, Thomasville became a hospital center that treated the sick and wounded, civilian and soldier alike. The Thomasville hospital depot provided care for hundreds of soldiers from both armies until it closed in the summer of 1865. The 34 men who died while in Thomasville – among them 26 Confederates, 4 Federals, and 4 unknowns – were buried in a common plot in the city cemetery. In 1908, a Georgian who had served in the hospital depot led a successful fundraising effort to provide headstones for those who had died, as a tribute to the sacrifices of the soldiers and the dedication of the community who served them.” The city cemetery is located about a block north of this site and the graves of the soldiers can be found there. Both the Baptist and Methodist churches are gone, so is the Tobacco Factory and Glen Anna Seminary, this marker is almost all that’s left to tell the story about the town’s contributions during the war.